pyramid planets

Pyramids constructed to produce hydrogen gas for fuel

electric pyramid

The Giza pyramid as a station that produces and transmits electricity


Bigfoot may be a survivor of an extinct species that roamed Asia 300,000 years ago

moon face

Face of the Moon to change completely 81,000 years from now

madame blavatsky

Star of Bethlehem described as a space ship from the constellation Sirius

hill of tara

Blinking binary star in the constellation Perseus related to the reptilian Gorgon

algos star

Egyptian calendar of lucky days from 1244 BC based on an eclipsing binary star

bent pyramid

Spirit door portal between Egypt and the Andes


History of Sakhet from prehistoric to modern times


Unstable planets in the Solar System during Egyptian prehistory


A multi-stage rocket preparing for launch in ancient Egypt

haunted antiques

Zak Bagans describes the dangers of haunted antiques


Relating the 5 elements to the human body and how a home can affect its residents


95 ways to harness and guide the invisible force of chi

dl ashliman

Professor D. L. Ashliman’s collection of folktales, folklore, and mythology

alien boxes

UFO aliens built mysterious 100-ton stone boxes near Giza pyramids

mister black

Mister Black, expert in the unknown, exposes multiple archaeology cover-ups

pole shift

A view of what the earth might look like if the magnetic poles were reversed

washington dc

Washington DC streets were built to promote the flow of hidden chi energy

tai sui

Review the current annual Tai Sui general’s life history for likely world events this year

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